Okay so student finance are giving me ~£3.5 grand and paying my tuition fees, so that at least I’ll have a bit of cash to keep me going and there’ll be no issues attending lectures. My parents are handing in a form on Monday that details mum’s income (zero) so they’ll reassess how much money I get. Fingers crossed a couple of weeks later they’ll bump me back up to ~£6.25 grand and my university give me the £2 grand bursary I’m eligible for.

so stress omfg.

I upgraded my RAM, did some windows updates, and changed my AV software in one fell swoop, so now I’ve had to battle for the last 2 hours with BSOD screens and work out what the hell caused them all.

one of the shit parts of having a minister for a dad is having to go to church every sunday and pretend i’m not a big bisexual atheist aka stereotypical minister’s daughter.

i have to go back to NI tonight, but I want to go to the park and then come home to watch more prison break instead.