Ooh by the way things are p. good rn!

  • I had a job interview on Wednesday and after about 20 minutes I was asked if I wanted the job, which means I’m getting an extra ~£40 a week now.
  • I’m gonna’ dye my hair later and I’m thinking light blue roots fading to dark blue ends, but that might be too much effort. Either way my hair’ll be nice again soon.
  • I asked a girl on a date (idk if she thinks it’s a date though) and she said yes??

Gotta buy drink, get money out, do some snazzy makeup, get changed, and go meet up with a bunch of people - most of whom I’ve never met. Stress~

Just ordered Tulip and Cerise colours from Directions but man what if pink streaks look bad I am SO STRESS.

so I have a job interview in the near future for a ‘community ambassador’ role, but I just realised that having blue hair might mean I won’t even be considered.

also i’m so worried about my mum

it was okay when i was still living at home and could keep an eye on her but now i don’t even know if she’s being treated or if she’s having her afternoon naps and taking her insulin on time

i just really miss her ok