Tbh for all my dreaming of fostering kids, I can much more easily see myself setting up some kind of animal sanctuary/rescue. I have way more drive and a lot less fear around doing that.

I know children of colour are much less likely to be adopted/fostered than white kids, but I’m scared that I’d fuck up in caring for them if I ever tried, because I’m white. I wouldn’t want to mess up.

Anyone have a view on this?

feelin’ a lot of body hate rn, but instead of dignifying it with a post I’m just going to acknowledge it and move on.

What are you talking about? I thought people encouraged adoption! Just avoid foreign adoptions (too many of them are essentially kidnapped from their still living, still loving families…) and it’ll be fine!

This is the response I get literally any time I tell someone I don’t want to ~carry on the family tree~. They seem to think I’m obliged to, or that I’m broken for not being ‘broody’ and I’ll change my mind before I reach menopause.

People in general seem to encourage adoption in an abstract way, in that they want other people they don’t know to do it. But subconsciously, they think adopted children make some kind of inferior family. That’s certainly what I’ve experienced.

And no of course - foreign adoption is a bit dodgy. I think I’m mostly interested in fostering to be honest!

I want kids, but I don’t want to be pregnant, and I don’t particularly want them to share my genetics.

I just don’t see why having a kid that’s half related to me is so much more valid and acceptable than adopting or fostering a child, especially when the latter has the potential to actively improve someone’s life. They won’t be any less my child just because they’re genetically similar to someone else. We won’t have less of a bond, or less special a relationship. That’s some high level bullshit right there.

Stop telling me I’ll change my mind. You don’t know my desires any better than I do.

Really want to start playing through Zombies Run but I didn’t bring my running shoes home with me. Maybe I’ll just try and get back into pilates and yoga again for now.

So it’s been ~2 months now since I was blind drunk and ended up going home with some guy who never spoke to me again, and I think I’m ready to accept that the whole scenario upset me more than I tried to let on.

tw for alcohol, and rape/coercion (not because I consider this to have been either of those things, but just in case it triggers someone)

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every so often I get anon hate via r/tumblrinaction, and it just brightens my day to be reminded that cishet men are as whiny and fragile as ever.

Okay look, people from Northern Ireland keep stalking my blog (i.e. every few days they load it with no referring link and go back a few pages), and I know for a fact they’re people who know me.

I’m literally never coming back to youth group because I live in Bristol now, so kindly go away and stop gossiping about my personal posts to each other. My life is entirely unrelated and irrelevant to yours.

This has been a PSA.

Belfast has murals.

Bristol has street art.

I think that sums up why I like the latter so much, quite succinctly.

I’m excited to finish seasoning my new corset so I can get to work on closing it, and then I’ll have a cute little 24” waist and everything will be perfect because I’m a pin-up princess.

Then I can order a new custom corset with a matching bra and pants and buy a petticoat and a 50’s swing dress


Literally tho all I want rn is for someone to do that and snuggle me.

In case anyone’s wondering:

  • Still unable to stop thinking about weight loss, restriction, and my body
  • Not currently restricting or calorie counting
  • I think I just had a very bad body negi day the other day and freaked out
  • sorry.

So I have a ~5 year old beige chinchilla (named Chilli). I adopted her from a couple who emigrated to Australia and couldn’t take her with them, two years ago. About a year later I went to university, and of course I’m not allowed pets in student accommodation. Even if I was, I’d have to bring her home with me every time I had a holiday and visited my parents for weeks at a time, so we decided she would stay with them until I finished my degree. They’ve just fallen in love with her.

The plan was always for us to drive her over to England when I finish my degree and then she would live with me for the rest of her life, but I’m not going to finish for at least two years (three if I get onto the Masters course). Because they’re so smitten with her, they’ve been hinting that they’ll not let her go when that point comes, and suggesting that she stay with them instead.

I dunno what to feel about that to be honest. She’s such a sweet pea and I’d miss her, even if I adopted another chinnie.