nofringesamekid replied to your post: I forgot how much I love discussing animal rights and veg*anism with people when they’re not telling me, “BUT BACON!!1!”

I don’t even like bacon that much! I wouldn’t bother telling vegans/vegetarians about what they are not eating. I mean it’s like saying, “But DICK” to lesbians. It aint their thang dawg.

I never liked bacon even when I did eat meat. Salty and oily and bleck. :P

Pretty much!





I didn’t even notice thigh gaps before I joined Tumblr.

Same here


(Uh…I wanted a thigh gap for YEARS) and then one day I was like “fuck it-what’s the goddamn difference?” I would still leap on someone thigh gap or no!

Same, Robyn, and it really messed me up for a while before I realised I’d rather look how I do now and stay healthy, than strive for a thigh gap and risk that. 

QuestionI've done that myself a few times. Are you okay? What's bothering you? Also, you're not an asshat. You're a greatlovelyspecialsmartprettyhat. Answer

I’m fine - just knackered. Realised the whole not-eating thing wasn’t helping me understand my maths so I packed in the nonsense. Parents have me stressed to high-doe about my exam tomorrow afternoon and my mum and I have been clashing a lot lately. A snide comment every time she comes into the kitchen just doesn’t fill me with happiness, y’know? 

D’aw, you’re far too lovely! <3

Also - how’s the Sherlock?

nofringesamekid replied to your post:  

Fuck that shit! Lock yourself in your room and mediate yourself around your own awesome-ness.

Oh Robyn, you always have the best answers for everything.