Quick tidbit from my cultural anthropology class


Apparently, for all those carnists who insist that meat consumption is what led to humans having bigger brains, you’re all missing a vital piece of information. It wasn’t the consumption of animals that led to our brain size or development, it was simply cooking. Cooked food is overall softer and easier for us to chew. Soft food/easy to consume food took less effort for us to eat and led to smaller, less developed jaw muscles, resulting in more cranial capacity. Again, we only ate meat as early humans or hominids because of convenience and caloric density/food scarcity. Essentially, you carnists are still fucking wrong, and you’re using another flawed argument to continue murdering animals. 

emiello asked:

lesbolution (aka grrlfever) is a twef, swef, and biphobe, just to second anon there.


Okay, so I have done more digging into the situation.

I haven’t found direct posts she has made about being a TWERF/SWEF (what does the SW mean in SWEF??) but a lot of other blogs have spoken against her trans phobia, cissexism, etc.

That’s really gross. I will get rid of said post.

Thanks to the anon and you for pointing this out!

SWEF stands for sex worker exclusionary feminist.

I wish I had reciepts from when she’s had gross conversations with me but I’ve not tagged them. sorry!

On the importance of safe spaces for bi people


  • Because everywhere else we are silenced
  • Because everywhere else we are erased
  • Because everywhere else requires us to narrow ourselves down, to hide and disappear
  • Because we can’t talk about ourselves fully, ever, anywhere
  • Because we can’t participate fully in any other space
  • Because any other space will accept us on condition that we don’t talk about our bisexuality or even mention it
  • Because everywhere else leaves us isolated
  • Because everywhere else we grow to believe that we, as people, are flawed, that there must be something wrong with us
  • Because we can never be part of straight cultures and communities
  • But when we come seeking refuge in queer and trans communities, we get our hearts broken by the very people we thought would understand
  • Because we are forever partial
  • Forever scavengers
  • Because so many of us are also trans, disabled, poc, women, working class people, sex workers… we straddle so many intersections and each one adds another circle of alienation, oppression

We need our spaces, and we need them to be intersectional, because

  • We need each other
  • We need the solidarity of our communities
  • We need the support, the validation and the love that only our communities can give to us
  • We need to alleviate that isolation, that loneliness
  • We need to talk about ourselves
  • And to each other
  • We can breathe fire into each other and fill our hearts with rainbows
  • Change society
  • Create revolutions






Charts from OKCupid, showing how straight women and men rate each other based on ages. For women, the men they find most attractive are roughly their own age. For men, the women they find most attractive are roughly the same age - 20 to 23 - regardless of the age of the man. (538)

Good fucking Christ.

eyyyyy check out society’s worship and oversexualization of young women

that’s just disgusting

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Apparently you can get big 10/20L buckets with lids from supermarkets for free?

I want one to do laundry in, see. If I manage to find any, all I need is a pluger to chop holes in and I’m sorted. No more washing things in the sink for me~.