Inspired by this amazing artist. Her work always cheers me up so I thought it would be nice to draw something positive like the beautiful things she usually draws.

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oh mine is due on the 5th of May. I haven’t started because plenty of time #yolo

I have one due on the 7th of May and another on the 9th, but I’m off for Easter rn, so it’s foolish not to make use of all this free time to save me stressing if I try and do two essays in a week when I go back x:

Here we go again. Episode 5 of ‘Ciara does an essay’!

In this edition, Ciara starts an essay 3 weeks ahead of the deadline for some reason??? "Describe three different mechanisms by which a psychoactive drug may exert influence on neural processing" noot noot


[Image: crochet bookmarks, made of a long purple chain, with a bisexual pride flag at one end, and bi pride beads and a tassel at the other]

OMG look at these bookmarks!

Aren’t they pretty?

Don’t you want one?

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"Other parts of ancient Eurasia had traditions of third-gender spirit-people. Herodotus and Hippocrates both discuss the “enarees”, or male-to-female transsexual shamans among the ancient Scythians, who “mutilated” their genitalia and took on female roles. They were said to be the most powerful shamans of their people. Ovid actually claimed that some Scythian priestesses knew how to extract “female poison” distilled from the urine of a mare in heat, with which to dose men in order to feminize them. The average person might throw this off as silliness, if they didn’t know that pregnant mare’s urine is the main source of Premarin, the most widely used estrogen drug today. They also ate a lot of licorice root - so popular among them that the Greeks to whom they exported it referred to it as “the Scythian root” - which is also an anti-androgen."

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I love trans history!

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I would FUCKING LOVE to see a comprehensive trans history book, that especially covered the history of HRT, I’ve always had questions but never really had answers!

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especially after YEARS of our HISTORY BEING ERASED and pushed under the rug to make cis people comfortable, and say that “trans people id a modern thing” to be able to show up and take out a history book and be like BOOM shut the hell up.

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There is a disturbing lack of attention being paid to this story.

"Reverend Andy Braunston, a friend of Tchatchue, has written to the director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders to ask the immigration staff to be prosecuted.
‘Alain is a blind man who uses a white stick to get around and who has fled here because of fear of the violence of the state in Cameroon,’ he said.

‘It is shameful that agents of our government have beaten this vulnerable man in an attempt to send him back to persecution.
‘We should be ashamed.’”

See also this lovely bit of monosexism:

"Before 2010, those seeking asylum were often refused permission on the grounds they could behave with ‘discretion’ when returned. However, some activists believe the attitude remains when it comes to bisexual refugees as it is apparently easier for them to be ‘discreet’.”

lol str8 privilege






Sooo I’m gonna follow Cloudnoodle’s brilliant example and…

I would also love some more bi friends, bi tumblr. I’m geeky and bi and feminist (so if you’re not feminist look elsewhere) and into supporting oppressed minorities of all kinds (so if you’re not into that either, look elsewhere).





hello friend!

Queer bi vegan lady here - hi


how do i know if a monosexual is flirting with me or just not treating me like shit for once?

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women get called melodramatic and overly emotional every time we express negative feelings, but have you ever tried telling a man “no?” They’re actual toddlers. 



If Girls Hit On Guys Like Guys Hit On Girls - Video





Why does it always seem pathetic when a girl is in love with a boy who doesn’t love her back, and romantic and heartbreaking when a boy loves a girl who doesn’t love him

you know exactly why


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This is very important to sign. Instant search results affirm that we aren’t the only ones searching for a term. The word ‘bisexual’ is blocked, and despite over 40 million results, people think there must not be anything or anyone else out there unless they type in the whole word and press enter.

Imagine being a young bi person searching for support or resources. You may be afraid of the word “bisexual” lingering in your search history, so if you see no instant search results you’re less likely to risk hitting enter. Especially when you see tons of suggestions pop up for gay, lesbian, transgender, and even pansexual.

Google claims that the word “bisexual” is correlated to too much pornography, but that’s utter bullshit. The search “Gay Porn” has over 400 MILLION MORE results than “bisexual porn”, and the word gay is not blocked.

This is bi erasure. Plain and simple. 

This still needs over 500 signatures. C’mon, people! I have over twice as many followers. It’ll just take a second of your time. Sign this very important petition and pass it along! It may not seem like a big deal but it really is. Read more about the repercussions of this block here.


just a couple of ways on how to be a good straight person (tm)

  • stop taking everything so goddamn personally, particularly queer people’s anger toward straight people. if you aren’t apart of the problem, then you shouldn’t feel any of the guilt or offense. if you do, well then, reevaluate your life:  you are the problem.
  • stop victimizing yourself because you’re straight. you can’t be oppressed for being straight. stop trying to make it a thing.
  • accept that heterosexuality is viewed as the norm. accept heteronormativity. now, actively try to crush and challenge these norms.
  • stand up to other straight people for your queer friends.
  • don’t expect back-pats for good behavior. just be a good person.
  • let your queer friends voice their anger about straight oppressors. if you aren’t actively oppressing queer people, then you shouldn’t take it personally. if you are, congrats, you’re still the problem.