I dont think im better or superior than anyone. But its sad when people try and change to way their body looks because thats what society likes. Maybe God didnt want everyone to have a hourglass shape…no ones perfect. He didnt give everyone the body they wanted.

Wearing clothes, glasses, makeup, or shoes, getting piercings or tattoos, and cutting or dying your hair are all things that change how you look. Do you complain about that as well? Do you also think women shouldn’t shave their legs and underarms because society expects it? Do you think people shouldn’t have blood or organ transfusions because “maybe god didn’t want them to”? I mean this is just a really flimsy excuse for body policing.

You’re telling people to dress according to your personal preferences, and you’re doing exactly what you claim you hate society doing to people. I wear corsets for me. Not for you, not for society at large, not for god, and not for men. I wear them because I think they’re beautiful, they make my posture better, and they feel like a hug. You don’t have to like it, but you also have absolutely no say in it.


We know we cannot be kind to animals until we stop exploiting them — exploiting animals in the name of science, exploiting animals in the name of sport, exploiting animals in the name of fashion, and yes, exploiting animals in the name of food.

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A question to non vegan SJ folk on tumblr


Doesn’t it seem a bit suspicious that ALL the people who you so vehemently fight against all of a sudden become your bust buddies when veganism is mentioned?

Don’t you find it strange that you disagree on everything but when talking about non human rights you diligently interlock arms and march forward to defend the continuance of non human oppression?

Don’t you find it A TEENSY BIT PECULIAR that you share the same views on veganism as people who have blogs dedicated to disagreeing with every single other view you hold?

Just take a itty bitty second to reflect on this.

Then come to me and tell me why it is that you and bigots become allies when non human animals rights is the topic.

I’ll wait <3




Porn is one of the biggest and most harmful industries in the world, closely affiliated with human trafficking and drugs and alcohol abuse, causing rape between children, violence, beastiality and pedophilism and its fetishizing race, underage girls, trans people and lesbianism. Thought you should know. 

Half those links are from SWERFs and TERFs, and there’s not a single sex worker-run organisation on there apart from Shelly Luben who is, to put it mildly, problematic as hell. Can we not get better links?

muggles don’t give a flying fuck about sex workers, they just want to use as a rhetorical device to support their own agendas. I have yet to see any porn critical feminists who didn’t speak over and ignore ACTUAL sex workers and stick to an analysis focusing on labor rights rather than myths about human trafficking and rape. Why can’t you talk abt porn and culture without shitting all over porn performers???????

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My mum decided that because I’m sleepy and quiet at the minute, I “shouldn’t have kids” because that’d be “for the best”, despite the fact that I’ve told her for years I don’t want any? That really offended me to be honest. It’s like my decisions are only valid if she agrees, and she managed to get a jab in at me at the same time with that one.

Basically if I don’t react to situations in the same way she would, I’m an awful person. She never did [thing] despite all the awful shit she’s endured so why would I? I must have been looking for attention. I must be lazy. I must be trying to upset her.

I can’t get back to Bristol soon enough tbh. I’m not making the mistake of staying here all summer again.